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Mitigate  & Adapt: Flooding


In flood prone areas throughout the county, including the Town of Aurora,

 Erie County's Hazard Mitigation Plan recommends the following: 

  • Invest in the development and maintenance of green infrastructure projects to improve water infiltration capacity, retention, and stormwater management

  • Map the location of past and current flooding hotspots

  • Take steps to avoid or reduce development in high-flood risk areas. 

Town of Aurora Actions-  

The Town of Aurora recently invested in two critical culvert/bridge repairs that were comprised by repeated flooding of Tannery Brook in the Village of East Aurora.  Both culverts have been designed to accommodate larger volumes of water that could be expected during future severe storm events. 






N Grove St - After.jpg
Whaley Bridge - Before.jpg
N Grove Bridge - Before.jpg
Whaley Bridge - After.jpg

     North Grove St - Before           North Grove St - After.                Whaley Ave - Before            Whaley Ave - After

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper- 

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper staff and volunteers are known as "the guardians of our regional waterways." Their mission is to protect and restore our area water resources and surrounding ecosystems.  Waterkeeper has classified the Town of Aurora as a critical location within the Niagara River Watershed, known as the "Headwaters Region".  Headwaters are the initial water source for a river or stream and serve as a filter for drinking water. The Town of Aurora's primary watershed sources are the main, west, and east branches of Cazenovia Creek, and Tannery Brook.   (Photos courtesy of Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper)

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Waterkeeper staff and volunteers work with municipalities and property owners to employ the following water protection, stream bank erosion mitigation, and flood mitigation strategies:​​

  • Recommend Updated Comprehensive Plans that will update zoning regulations to protect aquifers, promote permeable surfaces for water infiltration, and require stream setbacks for future development.  Plans could also include conservation overlay districts, steep slope requirements, minimum setback requirements, and standards for vegetated buffers.

  • Develop restoration plans for severely failing banks to limit erosion and nutrient influx.

  • Explore funding sources for living infrastructure and stormwater management.

  • Waterfront Landowner Outreach & Education (Eg. Shoreline Properties Guide).

  • Recommend proper design of our stream/creek culverts to avoid debris buildup and prevent erosion of adjacent stream banks. (See Page 4 attached brochure below for examples.)


Waterkeeper Project Success Examples-

  • Demonstrated success in shoreline restoration and native plantings by working with various partners and landowners.

  • Coordination with partners to acquire funding to implement volunteer tree plantings, community outreach, citizen science and education.

The following Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper Brochure

is specific to the Town of Aurora:


Flooding: Challenges
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