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Complete Streets

In July of 2023, the Town of Aurora Board voted to adopt a

Complete Streets Policy  to create a safe, accessible, and sustainable transportation network that accommodates the needs of all users, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, farmers, and other businesses.


This Complete Streets Policy aims to promote a balanced and equitable approach to transportation planning and design, enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors while prioritizing safety, health, and environmental sustainability.

The Complete Streets vision works in concert with the 2011, NY State's 2011 "Complete Streets Act"  which requires that the planning, design, construction, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of roadways receiving federal or state funding be based on complete street guidelines. 




Objectives/Guiding Principles- Streets, bridges, and sidewalks should be designed and operated as “complete streets,” where applicable, meaning that they should enable safe access for all users (walking/running, bicycling, automobile, public transport, tractor, etc.) regardless of age, ability, or mode of transportation. The design of town streets should, where applicable:

  • Promote walking and bicycling for health, fitness, transportation, and recreation.

  • Improve neighborhood vitality in hamlets, such as West Falls and South Wales and more dense neighborhoods surrounding the Village of East Aurora.

  • Encourage connectivity between population centers and natural and other resources.

  • Aim to create a comprehensive, integrated, connected network for all users.

  • Increase the capacity and efficiency of the road network.

  • Incorporate traffic calming actions.

  • Limit greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Strengthen the local economy.

  • Improve the quality-of-life of residents.

  • The Town should work with the State of New York, County of Erie, Village of East Aurora, businesses, property owners, and the East Aurora Union Free School District to develop complete streets and accommodations that further this Policy.


Policy- The Town of Aurora shall approach every transportation improvement and public works infrastructure project as an opportunity to create safer, more accessible streets for users of all ages and abilities, including motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transit users (if every applicable) through the use of complete street design features. These phases may include, but are not limited to: planning, programming, design, right-of-way acquisition, construction, construction engineering, reconstruction, and rehabilitation (not including resurfacing, maintenance, or pavement recycling) of transportation infrastructure projects undertaken within the jurisdiction of the Town.


Design Standards- The Town shall follow accepted or adopted design standards and use the best and latest design standards available in order to promote walkability and multimodal transportation facilities. Examples of these standards include, but are not limited to:

  • ITE Designable Walkable Urban Thoroughfares: A Context Sensitive Approach;

  • AASHTO Guide for Planning, Designing and Operating Pedestrian Facilities;

  • AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities 4th Edition;

  • FHWA Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices;

  • NYS DOT Highway Design Manual;

  • NACTO Urban Street Design Guide;

  • NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide;

    In recognition of context sensitivity, public input and the needs of many users, flexibility and an innovative and balanced approach that follows other appropriate design standards may be considered, provided that a comparable level of safety for all users is present.


Performance Measures and Reporting- The Town Highway Superintendent shall annually present to the Town Board the proposed infrastructure maintenance and construction projects for the fiscal year. These plans may include the following:

  • A review of the feasibility of implementing bike lines/shared lanes/usable shoulders;

  • A description of the connectivity uses and expected traffic;

  • The measures proposed to reduce stormwater runoff pollution;

  • Linear feet of new and reconstructed pedestrian accommodation;

  • Number of new ADA compliant curb ramps to be replaced or installed;

  • Crosswalk and intersection improvements.

    The Climate Smart Community Task Force is responsible for promoting complete streets policies throughout the Town and shall, from time to time (but no less than once every two years) report to the Town Board with recommendations and comments about the implementation of this Policy.

    6. Exceptions

    Any exception to this Policy must be reviewed and recommended by the Town Highway Superintendent to the Town Board. This must include the basis of the decision.

    Exceptions may occur when:

  • An affected roadway prohibits, by law, use by specified users;

  • The activities are ordinary maintenance activities designed to keep assets in serviceable condition;

  • The application of complete streets principles is unnecessary based on the type of street, unduly

    cost prohibitive, or inappropriate because it would be contrary to public safety;

  • Other available means or factors indicate an absence of need, including future need.

Implementation Guidlines-


  • The Town shall include complete streets principles when it next develops a Town comprehensive plan or will soon thereafter pass a separate, detailed complete streets plan.

  • The Town shall thereafter always include complete streets principles in comprehensive planning.

  • When available, the Town encourages staff professional development and training on non- motorized transportation issues through attending conferences, classes, seminars, and workshops.

  • The Town accepts public input regarding public trails, intersections, and bikeways.

  • When appropriate, the Town educates residents about the transportation system to ensure users

    are safely using it.

West Falls-  Our Town's West Falls NY Forward Grant has been approved for $4.5 million dollars from NYS! This project will demonstrate, among other target goals, how Complete Streets planning can improve the quality of life for town residents and create a vibrant atmosphere for local businesses.  The vision encompasses sidewalks and street trees throughout the business center of the historic Hamlet of West Falls to ensure walkability with an authentic neighborhood feel. The plan also envisions a design that will provide adequate connections to the 65-acre J.P. Nicely Park the Aurora Waldorf School, and the Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail's multi-use recreational trail. For more details on this exciting plan click on the button below.  Click on the photos for more details about our Complete Streets Policy and the $4.5 Million grant. 



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